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Once upon a time there live a King. He love collecting beautiful flower vases.One day he made an announcement  that the person who makes the most beautiful vase will be paid a hundred gold coins.
A fair was organised where many people kept their flower vases for display. The king selected the most beautiful vases of all. And the man who made that vase was given a hundred gold coin. He was then ordered to make thousand similar vases. The king wanted to decorate his entire palace with such beautiful vases and got a good amount paid for them from the  king.
The King ordered one of his servants to display those vases in his palace. While doing his duty, one of the vases broke by accident. When the king come to know this, he was very angry. He passed a death sentence on the servant.
There lived a wise old man in that Kingdom. When he heard of the incident, he went to the King’s palace and said, “I know the art of repairing broken vases”.
The king became very happy on hearing the claim of the old man.The King said, “If you repair the broken vase, I will pay you whatever you ask.” He ordered his officers to show the old man all  the vases.The old man raised his stick and broke all the vases. On seeing what the old man had done, the king was mad with anger. He asked the old man why he had done so.
The old man replied, “Each of these vases would have taken one human life. Now you can take only one life,and that is mine.”
The king’s anger cooled on hearing this answer. He forgave the old man and the guilty servant as well.


It is our moral duty to speak up for the right. Help others if they are in trouble and never listen nor tolerate anything badhappening to anyone in front of us.

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  1. Saroj

    Sucha inspiratioonal story

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