The camel and the baby

The camel and the baby

One day, a camel and her baby were chatting. The baby asked, “Mother, why do we have humps?” The mother replied, “Our humps are for storing water so that we can survive in the desert”.

“Oh”, said the child, “and why do we have rounded feet mother?” “Because they are meant to help us walk comfortably in the desert. These legs help us move around in the sand.”

“Alright. But why are our eyelashes so long?” “To protect our eyes from the desert dust and sand. They are the protective covers for the eyes”, replied the mother camel.

The baby camel thought for a while and said, “So we have humps to store water for desert journeys, rounded hooves to keep us comfortable when we walk in the desert sand, and long eyelashes to protect us from sand and dust during a desert storm. Then what are we doing in a zoo?”

The mother was dumbfounded.

Kontextorientierte ankermedien aus der alltags- und umweltsensorik ein lernmodul zu co2-gassensoren.

Moral: Your strengths, skills, and knowledge are useless if you are not in the right place.


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August 18, 2019

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July 5, 2019

Camel baby is super genious

5.0 rating
March 18, 2019

this story is a moral and guide story about your best use of your good skills knowledge and strengths

sawera quasier

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