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Tenali Raman- An ordinary man with extraordinary brains.

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Tenali if this name doesn’t make you excited about history and you don’t know about those wonderful stories full of intellect then you have missed out on a lot. Tales of Tenali Raman was one of my favourite books from childhood.


So, who was this person Tenali?

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Tenali Ramakrishna was a Telugu poet from the state of Andhra Pradesh. He was amongst the most famous of the eight poets from the court of King Krshnadevaraya, Vijaynagar emperor. He was a great scholar of few languages like Marathi, Kannada, and Tamil. Though he never received any formal training still his thirst for acquiring knowledge made him so famous and a great scholar. His poems were different from most, they had a comic element in it.


It is said that with his strategies and intellect he has saved Krishnadevaraya in many difficult situations.


While he came to perform in a ‘mela’ with his troop, the king gets so impressed by him that appointed him as a poet in his court.


Every time Tenali name strike in our mind, we remember his ingenious ways to solve tricky problems. His ways were different from most, he used everyday plots in stories to teach significant things about living in a very subtle way.


Tenali Raman was full of wisdom but what would you consider him to be another Genious or Clever?

Clever would be a very normal word for a person of such intelligence. A man with such simple solutions to the extraordinary problems in life.  We couldn’t bestow him with any other title than Genius. Bill Gates once said “I will choose a lazy person to do a hard job because he will find an easy way to do it”  Tenali was a live example of this. Tenali Raman’s stories depict that he was a very lazy person. The story of ‘Raman, The Thief Catcher’ showed how with his offbeat solutions he caught the thieves and at the same time used them to water his fields. Show, how intelligence makes everything so easy.


Not only his intelligence and humour amazed most but also the way he used to take his stand for justice and was always straightforward as well. He had the guts to even stand against king if he was wrong, one story also talks about how he called the king a thief? To prove his point.  Also in the story of Tenali Raman and the Brinjal, just to have his favourite Brinjal he stole it from King’s garden and made a plan to escape the blame of being a thief. His efforts to get what he wanted in life showed that he was unstoppable, no matter what.

Thenali Raman stories in English with moral





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