Stories for Kids with Pictures

Kids love short moral stories because in long stories they feel bored. Narrating short stories help parents spend some quality time with children before they end their day. A lot of sharing happens during that time.Stories are a great way of relaxing a child’s mind. And stories for kids with pictures makes better for them to understand.

Edt the president we are here in the middle hour of our grief.
Rashika kochar
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Blind Rage

There was a young couple who lived next to a forest. One day, close to her house, the lady found a baby mongoose that followed her back to the house....

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    Once upon a time, in the Himalayan mountains, there lived an old saint and his young disciple. The saint was frequently in deep meditation and during his meditation he would...

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    Follow your Dream

    When a school teacher asked the entire class to write an essay on 'What you want to be' , a young boy wrote an account of how he wanted to...

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    Karna,the compassionate

    Once, Krishna and Arjuna were conversing. Krishna praised Karna for his compassionate nature. He said, "None can equal Karna in charity." Arjuna became envious and said that he could match...

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    Positive Thinking

    Two seeds that wished to grow were lying in the fertile soil. The first seed said, " I really want to grow. I am keen to know about the various...

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    Once upon a time there live a King. He love collecting beautiful flower vases.One day he made an announcement  that the person who makes the most beautiful vase will be...