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The short story of Akbar and Birbal in English with moral

Akbar Birbal stories are among the most liked and appreciated stories among people from every age group of India. All of us have read or at least heard about Birbal for once. Trust me you can never get enough of Birbal’s intelligence. It makes you crave for me but how much do we actually know about them? Let’s read and find out to know more.



Who was Akbar?


Akbar was one of the most famous Mughal emperors of India. His complete name was Jalaluddin Mohammed Akbar Padshah Ghazi and he ruled over India in between 1560 to 1605. He was not literate but he had many learned people in his court. He was considered to have NavRatna in his court and Birbal was among the most famous and favourite ones. Birbal was known for his advice, he was very valuable to the king. The Akbar admired his humour, witty nature and wisdom the most.


Who was Birbal?


Birbal was born as Mahesh Das in the year 1528 in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh. So, how does the name Birbal came up? He was bestowed with a title “RAJA” and name Birbal by the king Akbar. Birbal worked for both military and administrative duties of king Akbar, he was also a very close friend of the king as well Their friendship was so deep and strong that Birbal was the only Hindu to have adopted Din-i Ilahi, the religion which was founded by the king Akbar which included the beliefs of both Hindu and Muslim. He served the king for 30 years. He was said to be the brightest of all Jewels of Akbar.

How Akbar met Birbal?


Like every other Akbar Birbal story, this is funny and intelligent too. Once while Akbar was out on hunting expedition he lands his courtiers lost their way. They came to a junction diverging in three roads, they did not know that which one will take them to Agra? They saw a man passing by the road, called him to tell which roads go to Agra? The young man smiled and replied that “None of the roads go to Agra, people travel not roads” The king got impressed by his intelligence and his fearless nature to have spoken something like that in front of a king. He offered him a gold ring and asked him to come and join his court, as he needed such intelligent people. Funny and intelligent at the same time.


Some favourite and funny stories of Birbal

It is very difficult to say that I liked this the most as all the stories are so good and their so much to learn from each story. The most famous or the one that made the saying “Birbal ki khichdi”.

Once the king asked Birbal to find a man to stand in the cold lake water for the whole night just for money, Birbal searched for a man who was very poor and ready to stand in water just for money. After completing the task when he went to meet the king, the king asked how did he manage to survive? He said he kept staring at the lamp post.


The king denied to offer him money as he believed that lamp post kept him warm. The next day Birbal did not show up in court and sent the message that he will come to court once his khichdi is cooked. When King went to see what Birbal was up to? He saw a pot at 5 feet away from the fire. King asked him how will khichdi get warm from so far?


Birbal replied that the same way the poor man got heat from a lamp post. The king realized his mistake and rewarded the poor man. This story not only proved his intelligence but also showed how honest and man of words was Birbal. There are many more stories and we can go on as we can never get enough of Birbal. It is like a thriller story, where you just guess what would the end be like? Every time you think Birbal may fail, he rises above your expectation with something intelligent and funny at the same time. I am sure after reading this article even you need more of these stories.


I am going to do the same, read and relive those childhood memories. I will read it to my nephew as well. Happy reading guys.

Moral Stories of Akbar and Birbal


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