Positive Thinking

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Positive Thinking

Two seeds that wished to grow were lying in the fertile soil.
The first seed said, ” I really want to grow. I am keen to know about the various aspects of life and, therefore, I want to probe deep into the soil beneath me with my roots and sprout through the earth’s surface above me. I want to experience the different seasons and unfurl my tender buds, like banners, to announce the arrival of spring… I want to feel the warmth of the sun on my face, the blessings of the morning dew on my petals and to dance with the breeze. I am excited to grow.”
And so she grew.
The second seed said, “I am scared. I am afraid of the strong wind that blows and brings the branches down. What if I let my buds open an a snail tries to eat them? I am scared that the heat of the sun may make me wither. And if I were to blossom, a child might uproot me. I need safety and protection and somebody who will save me from all these things. No, I shall wait within the soil, where it is safe.”
And so it waited.
A hen looking around for food in the ground found this seed and ate it.
Growth is a natural process. Be it a plant,animal or man,every living thing aspires to grow after birth.


Always keep positive aspect. Explore world don't be scare there are so much positivity all around inhale it.

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