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Best Panchatantra Story for kids

Panchatantra the name which used to bring a wide smile on every child’s face. It is still considered as one of the best contributions of Indian literature to the world. We used to call it our own comics. For people who are still not familiar with it, need to read this article once to know what they are missing out on and the reader’s who are familiar with it need to relieve those moments of sheer happiness and indulge in the magical world of these stories, don’t miss it. So, starting with the introduction.

panchtantra stories for kids

What is Panchatantra?


Panchatantra was one of the hidden literature gems of Ancient India, which has its origin in Sanskrit and later got translated into other languages. Stories which gave us a moral along with those interesting animal characters and beautiful fairy tales. These stories brought joy and colors to our lives before going to sleep, as bedtime stories. Although the name of the author and the compiler behind these wonderful stories is not known an Arabic translation of these books attributes Panchatantra to Bidpai, which means “court scholar”.


Few little-known facts of Panchatantra


Every writer is known for their writing but do we know who is the writer of Panchatantra. Some stories tell that the person behind these stories was Vishnu Sharma, who was famous for his knowledge and teaching skills. At the tender age of 8 years, he agreed to teach the sons of the king to fit in to rule. It shows his learning and self-believe.

The date of composition of this wonderful compilation of stories is not known. As some of the stories were translated in Pahlavi in the year 550 CE, so scholars claim it must have been written before that


The next question that arises in every reader’s mind is where was this composed?


As most of the stories revolve around a city Mahilaropya which meant “The city of beautiful women”.


Have you ever wondered why a name as such? It consists of five-part so Pancha and tantra mean part. The best and most distinctive characteristic thing was the story of another. It can go down to even six level.

The names of each character were chosen to represent their behaviour or the character. It shows the intelligence in this piece of writing as the writer tried to connect every character to its audience by giving them a name which defined them.

Panchatantra is said to have more than 200 translations of these stories in around 50 languages around the world. Now, from facts to the characters we loved in these stories.

panchtantra stories for kids


Remembering some of our favourite characters from the books


The Foolish Weaver, Four Friends and A Hunter, The Crows And The Cobra were among my most favourite stories. The wise jackal was surely one of my favourite character possessing intelligence and wisdom to live a happy life. The story of four friend’s love and care even in difficult times taught me so much in life. I can still relate it to the times my friends have been there to protect me. The way turtle risked his life to save his friend show’s how friends go beyond limits just for you because they are never less than your family. The weaver and his wife taught me to never be greedy in life. We should be happy and satisfied in our lives. I think I need to read few stories again and this time I will have to inculcate the good things that I learn from each character and each story. Only if we all could have the wisdom of Jackal, selfless nature of the four friend’s and we were satisfied with our lives. The world would be such a happy place to live in. We all have read so many stories with moral but in our fast-paced life, we forgot the child in us.


Why kids love Panchatantra?


Kids love stories and when the stories have a moral and a related to a beautiful collection named Panchatantra, even the parents become carefree. As most of the stories revolve around animal characters, it draws the attention of kids more. Each story has a learning as well as a very different and interesting plot. These stories not only kept children’s captivated but also helped in indulging a habit of reading in them. Storybooks with colourful pictures still capture my mind and Panchatantra will always be a very integral part of my life

Panchatantra short stories in English


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