Karna,the compassionate

Karna,the compassionate

Once, Krishna and Arjuna were conversing. Krishna praised Karna for his compassionate nature. He said, “None can equal Karna in charity.” Arjuna became envious and said
that he could match Karna in that.
Just at that time,an old brahmin approached them. He looked deeply distressed, someone who really needed help. Walking up to them, he tearfully said, “My wife has died. To cremate her, I am looking for sandalwood. Can you help me?” Arjuna asked fir a servant to arrang some sandalwood. After sometime the servant returned with empty-handed along with the brahmin. He said, ” There is no stock of sandalwood anywhere, not even in the market.”
Arjuna excused himself by saying that there was nothing that he could do.
The brahmin then approached Karna.
Karna also tried to procure sandalwood, but it was not available anywhere. The compassionate Karna could not disappoint anybody who came to him for help. He suddenly remembered that the pillars of his palace were made of sandalwood. He ordered for an axe and chopped the pillars. A part of the palace collapsed, but he still continued chopping and stoped only after he had enough sandalwood for the brahmin.
On the way back, Krishna and Arjuna met the brahmin. Krishna enquired how he had managed to get the sandalwood. The brahmin replied, “The great Karna chopped off the pillars of his palace to give me this sandalwood.”
Krishna then turned to Arjuna and said, “Do you now understand why I always praise Karna for his compassion?”
Arjuna understood Krishna’s point.

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