Follow your Dream

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Follow your Dream

When a school teacher asked the entire class to write an essay on ‘What you want to be’ , a young boy wrote an account of how he wanted to own a horsh ranch. He wrote about his dreams in great detail and even drew diagrams showing ranches,buildings, stables and the tracks. He also drew a floor plan of a big house that he would build on his dream ranch.
He put in a great deal of his time, energy and effort on this dream project and handed over the paper to his teacher. Next week, the teacher gave the essays back to the students with their grades. This boy was given an ‘F’. So after the class, he went up to his teacher and asked,  “Why have I failed?” She said, “Well, because what you have written is not practical.  When you think about what you want to become, you must be practical. You just can’t dream. It has to be based on reality. You have written that you have 2000 acres of land, you have these various ranch buildings, you have so many horses, and this is impractical. It i impossible for you to get all this. That’s why I have you the grade ‘F’. But, this is not the final grade. You make it more practical , mention realistic goals that you can achieve, and I will review it.” The boy went home discouraged and shattered. He spoke to his father, “What should  I do? My teacher told me that this is  impractical. But I believe in it.” If you really believe in this, then follow your heart.” The next morning he returned to his teacher saying, “You keep the ‘F’ and I keep my dream.”
After many years the teacher while on a school trip with a new group of students, chanced to camp on his ranch. While leaving she told him, ” When I was your teacher, I was some-thing of a dream stealer. I stole  a lot of kids dream.” Fortunately you had enough gumption not to give up on yours… Don’t let anyone steal your dreams. Follow your heart no matter what.”


There will be a time when you will not be able to achieve your goals, Don't get disappointed there. Deal and cope up with the situation.

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