jungle stories for kids

When kids listen about the jungle, they learn more about the animals they love as well as about Earth and the environment. Kids love to listen stories on characters like Lion, Fox, Elephant, Sparrow & Crocodile. Kids love to listen jungle stories , by jungle stories we teach them about jungle and animals along with environment.

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The Thirsty Crow

    One hot day, a thirsty crow flew all over the fields looking for water. For a long time, she could not find any. She felt very weak, almost giving up...

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    Strong or Weak

      There was a proud teak tree in the forest. He was tall and strong. There was a small herb next to the tree. The teak tree said, “I am very...

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      The Needle Tree

        There were once two brothers who lived on the edge of a forest. The elder brother was very mean to his younger brother and ate up all the food and...

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        Elephant and friends

          A lone elephant wandered the forest looking for friends. She came across a monkey and asked, “Will you be my friend, monkey?” “You are too big and cannot swing on...

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            Once upon a time, in the Himalayan mountains, there lived an old saint and his young disciple. The saint was frequently in deep meditation and during his meditation he would...

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            Blind Rage

            There was a young couple who lived next to a forest. One day, close to her house, the lady found a baby mongoose that followed her back to the house....

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            Positive Thinking

            Two seeds that wished to grow were lying in the fertile soil. The first seed said, " I really want to grow. I am keen to know about the various...