Children Stories

Bedtime stories are a standard part of many bedtime routines.Bedtime story session gives parents and children a chance to strengthen their relations and bond with each other. Children love to listen the stories of animals,fairy tales,funny stories,etc. Children stories relaxed their minds and they have a comfortable and sound sleep.

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The Talkative Tortoise

    Once upon a time, there was a tortoise by the name of Kambugriva and two geese by the name of Sankata and Vikata. The tortoise lived in a pond and...

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    The Rabbits and the Elephants

      Once upon a time, there lived a herd of Elephants in a forest. A mighty Elephant by the name of Chaturdanta was their king. There was a big lake in...

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      The Musical Donkey

        Once upon a time, there lived a washer man in a village. He possessed a thin donkey by the name of Udhata. The donkey used to work for the washer...

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        The Wind and the Moon

          Once upon a time, there lived two friends in the shade of a rock. It would sound strange, but one of them was a lion and the other was a...

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          The Sandy Road

            Once upon a time, there lived a merchant in a small village. The merchant dealt in different kinds of goods. He wanted to sell his goods in the town, in...

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            The Brahmin’s Gift

              Once, there lived a pious Brahmin in a small village, by the name of Mitra Sharma. He used to perform religious rituals. On one occasion, he was rewarded with a...

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              The Power of a Rumour

                Once upon a time, it happened in a forest that a hare was resting under a banyan tree. He had an intuition of doom and thought, “What would happen to...

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                The Golden Swan

                  Once upon a time, there was a swan / goose that had striking golden feathers. This swan lived in a pond. There was a house near this pond, where a...

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                  The Blind Vulture

                    Once upon a time, there was a hill that sloped down to the banks of a river. At the bottom of the hill, there was a tree which made the...

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                    The Sage’s Daughter

                      Once upon a time, there lived a Sage on the banks of a river. The sage and his wife didn’t bear any children. They were unhappy about this fact of...