Suhana Khan , daughter of the king of the bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is known for her charm .Suhana is a gorgeous diva of Khan family. She is the star on the cover of the Vogue magazine this month. Her birthday comes on 22nd May 2000. She’s pursuing her higher studies from Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai . She’s the 2nd child of Shahrukh and mother Gouri Khan. Being the 2nd child she has two brothers as her siblings : the elder one Aryan Khan and the younger one Abram Khan. Her hobbies are dancing , playing football , writing and travelling too. She’s a lover of Italian food. Being a daughter of a film star instead of bollywood her interest lies towards sports and her pictures playing football tell us it in a more proper manner. Suhana is a football freak as we know the more interesting fact is that she captained the Under-14 team in her school. As writing being her hobby and she has won an award for her hobby too. Suhana is a huge fan of English popstar Zayn Malik.She loves dancing, particularly in POP style, and even performed in the Pop move video of Shiamak Dawar’s Summer Funk show.She also likes writing and even won an award at Katha national story writing competition.She is an upcoming actress and her launch is awaited by almost everyone. Being the daughter of a celebrity as big as Shahrukh Khan, Suhana, and her siblings are star kids who are under the spotlight every now and then.

She has an athletic figure with a normal height of 5′ 2″ & weighs around 42 kg. She has been god gifted with brown eyes, black hair and dark complexion.She has not yet starred in any of the Bollywood films but has been seen accompanying her parents on several occasions and events in order to get familiar with personalities in the industry. She is also expected to enter the Bollywood industry soon.

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