Naughty or Mischevious kids


Adults often feel they must be more powerful than children, so we do this by using language that no one, not even ourselves, understands. By use of this magic word naughty we can bewilder a child and leave them guessing about what it was that they did which caused us to behave in such a violent, hurtful or frightening manner.

Some adults demonstrate their displeasure by becoming more angry and child-like than the child they are supposed to be disciplining. “You make me very angry when you are naughty” is a statement which can bring chills to the heart of a young child. What information have they been given? How can they learn to improve? All they have been told is that now the adult is angry, and they wonder what will happen next.

It is these types of statements that abusers have been using for centuries to let their victims know that it really is all their own fault if something bad happens to them. They may refuse to speak to the child, or banish them to the naughty chair or spot to “think about things”. What things? If an inanimate object can also become naughty, what hope is there for an innocent, albeit irritating, child? All this does is inform the child that whatever they did, it wasn’t pleasing to the adult. How is that teaching the child anything positive about behaviour?

By the same token, those adults who accuse children of attention-seeking behaviour need to stop and think. All of us, child or adult, seek attention from time to time. If we speak, we want someone to listen; if we have done something well, we want someone to take note and offer recognition; if we cannot gain attention by any other means, we will behave in an inappropriate manner, knowing that at least a telling off or punishment is acknowledgement that we exist.


Next generation Fashion will start from pre nursery. They become more fashionable.

This cute kid what with his Dad’s passport and acting to be too cute.

This naughty kid is doing home stuff so that his mother will happy and doesn’t beat him.

How creative this naughty kids is.

Mom’s always cover her children’s mistake. See how mom fixes this drawing and make it creative and beautiful.

This naughty and cute kid giving seat to a girl.

Hierzu wird ein soziales kompetenztraining entwickelt werden, das an der kooperations- und kommunikationsfhigkeit der schlerinnen und methodik schreiben bachelorarbeit schler als schlsselkompetenzen ansetzt.

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