Hair Facts


Humans have all different colors and types of hair. It is believed that the texture and colors were developed over thousands of years, depending upon the location of the world that the people survived in.

Fun Hair Facts for Kids

  • One of the characteristics of all mammals is having hair.
  • Most of the chemical makeup of hair is a protein called keratin.
  • The location under the skin that allows a hair or strands of hair to grow is called a follicle. It is found in the skin layer called the dermis.
  • The eyelash protects the eye area from dust, dirt and any other possible harmful objects.
  • Human facial hair grows faster than any of the other types of body hair.
  • An average person loses from fifty to one hundred strands of hair per day, directly from the scalp.
  • A human hair has an average lifespan from two to seven years.
  • Scalp hair develops in three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen phases.The area of the hair that is considered to be ‘alive’ is the part that is found in the follicle during growth. After a hair leaves that area it no longer has any biochemical activity and is, for all intents and purposes, ‘dead’.If you looked at a strand of hair under a microscope you would see that it is made up of three key layers. The cuticle is the outer layer, inside that is the cortex that contains the keratin and the center of the hair is the medulla.There are two types of hair that is produced. Vellus hair develops from childhood and covers most of the body. It is light-colored, fine and short and most of the time isn’t even noticeable. Terminal hair (or androgenic) is long, thick and darker than vellus hair and is much more noticeable. The hair on our heads is terminal hair.

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