Abram Khan


Abram was born on 27 May 2013 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and was  born as a Premature, weighed only 1.5 Kg,it is alleged that he was born through surrogacy (the process of hiring a woman’s womb who bears a child on behalf of another woman). Though Gauri Khan & Shahrukh did never came up admitting this fact.He had to be kept in special care for one month before the Khans were allowed to take him home. During that time, his mother Gauri Khan kept close and vigilant watch over him, barely leaving his side at the hospital. AbRam which means ‘exalted father’.He is Islam by religion .He born into a filmy family. Abram Khan Religion Islam, Nationality Indian and Zodiac Sign is Taurus.Abram Khan is most known star kid of bollywood . He is son of bollywood badshah Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan .Abram is the younger son of Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan and His Wife Gauri Khan. Abram lis very cute and little king of Khan’s family.He has one elder brother Aryan Khan and one elder sister Suhana Khan. He is very close to Parents and Siblings Aryan Khan & Suhana Khan. Shahrukh Khan Like to spend a lot of time with Abram.He looks  cute, charming and more attractive with his dimples. Abram is very popular Celebrity in India. Bollywood Super Star Shahrukh Khan’s family looks royal when they come together in a single frame.His name is based on a variation of Prophet Abraham. And he is everybody’s favourite, his elder brother Aryan Khan & elder sister Suhana Khan adore him to bits.Just like his father, he has got everything from that charm, looks to those dimples. AbRam Khan is five-year-old by 2018 and his cuteness is legitimate.He is very close to his father and SRK Said ‘He is very fond of my because i play a lot with him and i’m very gentle with my children’. They were often spotted together playing with each other.

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