Blind Rage

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Blind Rage

There was a young couple who lived next to a forest. One day, close to her house, the lady found a baby mongoose that followed her back to the house. The couple had no children of their own. So they decided to adopt the baby mongoose and looked after him with great affection. After some time, the couple was blessed with a baby. The mongoose, which had grown fully by then, was like a part of that family.
One day, the lady had to go out for a short while and she left the mongoose to take care of the baby who was sleeping. Soon after her departure, a cobra entered the house and it was stopped by the alert mongoose. The two were involved in  fierce fight which was eventually won by the mongoose.
When the lady returned, she saw blood stains at the entrance of the house as well as on the path leading up to the room where the baby was sleeping. The mongoose, with blood still around its mouth, came running towards her expecting to be rewarded with a lot of affection for protecting the life of the baby. But, on seeing the blood, the lady assumed that the mongoose had attacked her baby and was so angry and blinded with rage that she picked up a stick lying close by and beat the mongoose to death.
Later, on going inside the bedroom, she saw her baby still sleeping soundly and found the remnants of the dead cobra. She then realised that the mongoose, at the risk of his life, had fought and killed the cobra that had come to attack her baby. And, she had killed the valiant mongoose in her blind rage. Alas, it was too late to undo her mistake!


We should never react anything in anger because after that we are just left with anger.

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